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PUR-GRANITE (Les Natures)

Our organic wines

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The "Les Natures" range becomes "Pur-Granite": the same wines, with new labels! With our constant ambition to deepen our quest for quality, well-being, and absolute respect for life, we consider it essential to expand the well-established range of Jean-Baptiste ADAM's Grand Wines, dedicated to the terroirs, by introducing wines that reflect our grape varieties this time.

Always produced in perfect harmony with the earth and the vine, aged in our century-old oak barrels, these wines are distinguished by their assertive character and specific flavors, generously expressing purity and authenticity. Renamed "Pur-Granite," these wines will delight lovers of truly fresh and pure wines.

"Pur-Granite" goes far beyond a simple label change; this decision embodies our commitment to clarity. We aim to avoid any confusion with wines labeled as "Nature." Our "Pur-Granite" wines are based on the work of our vineyards in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture. For over 20 years, we have done without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to highlight the authenticity of our grape varieties and our terroirs.

Why "Pur-Granite"?

For the purity, vigor, and integrity of our terroir. Ammerschwihr, a gastronomic village where the nobility of the granitic terroir reigns. An ancestral component of the soils in our region, it imparts a subtle minerality and, above all, a lot of freshness to our wines. Maison Jean-Baptiste Adam offers you a complete selection of organic white wines

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