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Duck Terrine

  • Duck Terrine

Recipe created by Mr. Philippe Gaertner, Chef of the restaurant "Aux Armes de France" in Ammerschwihr

 Preparation time: 1 hour 

Cooking time: 1 hour 30 minutes 

Cooling time: 1 day 



1 beautiful duck

100g cooked ham

200g of foie gras

100g fat bacon

50g of pistachio

80g of truffles

5cL of cognac

5cL of Madeira

5cL of white wine

10g of spicy salt

2 shallots

3cL veal stock of beef broth

40g of butter 


Cut foie gras, ham, bacon, truffles into small cubes. Add the pruned pistachios.

Put everything in a bowl. Season with spicy salt.

Bone the duck completely (you can ask the poultry farmer to do this work). Reserve the carcass and the liver. Detach the flesh and skin, torn the thighs, cut everything into small cubes and add them, in the terrine, to the other elements of the filling.

Chop the carcass of the duck into small pieces; color these pieces with butter. Add the chopped shallots.

Deglaze with Madeira, cognac, white wine and wet with veal stock (or beef broth). Reduce to a value of 1 dL.

Let cool, pass through a fine strainer and pour over the filling elements. 



100g of pork (in the net)

100g of veal (in the walnut)

200g fat bacon

100g of Paris mushrooms

Duck liver

2 chicken livers

50 g of butter

10g of spicy salt

1 bard of bacon

5cL of cognac

5cL of Madeira

1 twig of thyme

½ bay leaf 


In a frying pan, heat a piece of butter and sear, keeping duck liver and chicken livers pink. Season lightly, deglaze with cognac and madeira. Keep warm.

In a frying pan, sauté the mushrooms previously minced and add them to the livers. Put into the chopping machine, with a fine grid.

Similarly, put into the chopping machine pork, veal and bacon fat. Season with the spicy salt and mix with the first stuffing.

Add this stuffing to the garnish elements. Thoroughly knead and rectify, if necessary, the seasoning. Line the terrine with the bacon bard. Garnish with stuffing and garnish mixture. Cover with another bard of bacon and place thyme and bay leaf.

Cook the terrine, covered, in a medium oven (180 ° C) in a water bath in a deep-frying pan filled with water to two-thirds, and this, however, 1 hour to 1:30. To control the cooking, push a trussing needle in the bowl, and remove it quickly. If it is hot, the terrine is cooked. Similarly, if the fat that floats is clear.

Take the terrine out of the oven. Remove the lid and put on the contents a weighted board with a weight of 250g. Cool and refrigerate for a day before serving. 

Recommended wine: Le R’Eve d’Adam

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.